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Tips for Cooking Hot Water Cornbread

Hot water cornbread is a perfect meal when you are going camping and preparing it can be one of the many new tings you try including hiking. Hot water cornbread is associated with the southern part of the country where it is regarded as a staple food, this means that most people outside the area are barely familiar with it. If you are camping and want to prepare hot water cornbread even if you are not from the south, you will be glad to know there are a couple of methods you can use. If you want to make hot water cornbread while camping, how a simple recipe you can use.

Like any other meal, you have to gather the required ingredients for making hot water cornbread, toss them together in a bowl keeping an eye on the amount of water you add because it is dependent on your preference. When you are mixing the hot water cornbread mixtures, you should bear in mind you will be using a hot oily frying pan, therefore, ensure you gage the mixture to make it the way you love it.

Those who have gone camping understand how difficult it is to keep things consistent in the wind when cooking, however, if you have the recommended heavy-bottomed cast-iron skillet, you will experience minimal problems when preparing your hot water cornbread. Successful preparation of your cornbread mixture should be done under the correct heat and since you are not accustomed to the camp stove, you won’t have a feel for the oil temperature like you would at home, which is where the instant-read temperature comes in.

The quality and taste of your cornbread is also determined by the quality of cornmeal you buy, therefore, ensure you avoid the cheap and mass-produced cornmeal and go for the premium quality. When you are camping and hiking, you are going to need as many calories as possible, which means you can add sugar to your cornbread although the majority of the natives from the south will disagree with you.

If you are using cheap cornmeal in the preparation of the camping hot water cornbread, you have to use sugar to neutralize the sour flavor the cornmeal, but you are free to add more sugar. When you are preparing camping hot water cornbread, you must remember to fry both sides until each is golden brown. This is the recipe to use for making camping hot water cornbread.

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